April 11, 2016

Intellectual Property Protection

One of our most critical services is generating intellectual property to protect the value of our clients’ assets. PharmaDirections inventions have led to over 25 patents or patent applications for our clients.

We welcome technical challenges because within each one is an opportunity to generate a novel and hence patentable solution. We scour the patent landscape to look for openings and use tools such as pharmacokinetic modeling to tease out impediments and opportunities.

PharmaDirections’ policy on intellectual property is simple: we invent; you own. Whatever we invent on your behalf belongs to you, no strings and no royalties attached.

PharmaDirections' Patents

Published Patents for PharmaDirections’ Clients

US 6,770,625         US 6,867,183

US 6,913,903         US 7,030,082

US 7,166,571         US 7,196,059

US 7,312,192         US 7,368,260

US 7,611,864         US 7,635,675

US 8,088,786         US 8,318,788

US 8,916,195

Other Issued Patents and Published Patent Applications with PDI Staff as Inventors

US 4,546,193          US 4,638,008

US 4,665,227          US 4,721,809

US 4,794,196          US 5,002,949

US 5,144,072          US 6,037,358

US 6,287,597          US 6,306,904

US 6,586,469          US 6,630,498