April 11, 2016

Our Model

In the “old days”, drug development took place essentially under one roof. Large pharma companies did everything from discovery to preclinical studies to product development to clinical trial management. 

Today the drivers of innovation are small companies sprouting out of universities and medical centers with great ideas but few resources to develop them. Late in the Twentieth Century contract development companies started coming on-line, and outsourcing quickly became the modus operandi for small and large pharma companies alike. But even as the hands-on work went elsewhere, the large companies retained their edge by keeping their senior staff on the tasks of study design and vendor oversight.

PharmaDirections was founded in 2003 to provide small pharma companies and start-ups access to Big Pharma level expertise without the cost and risk of bringing on top level senior staff on a full-time basis. Most of our experts have Ph.D.’s and 20+ years of industry experience just like the senior directors in Big Pharma, but they can provide their leadership and wisdom to you on an hourly fee-for-service basis when and only when you need it.

For any given project, we assemble a team of these experts from various disciplines, and they each find the best vendors and design the best studies to get you into the clinic as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. These virtual project teams and the vendors they manage may be scattered across North America and Europe, and are held together and on task through regular meetings and the diligent efforts of PharmaDirections project leaders and project managers.