April 11, 2016


"I was truly impressed by the PharmaDirections system that you developed which effectively allows a nearly seamless implementation of an expert team to be associated with a virtual company like ours and manifest a competitive outcome similar to much larger organizations.”

H. Joseph Reiser, Ph.D.,
President & CEO
CureDM, Inc.


"Every time I come across a technically challenging problem, I know I can count on PharmaDirections to help me find a solution."


Klara Dickinson, Senior VP, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance


"I work with many experts who have depth, but PharmaDirections has a breadth of knowledge that provides a perspective that is hard to duplicate with individual consultants. Their professionalism, insight and breadth of coverage used to process information and synthesize recommendations is impressive."

Campbell Murray, MD, MBA
Managing Director
Novartis Venture Fund