April 11, 2016

Program Management

At PharmaDirections, a Project Leader is assigned to every project to act as your champion from the starting blocks to the finish line. Project leaders drive the execution of a project by leading a cohesive team of experts. In addition, developing a drug product involves keeping a lot of balls in the air, and for that you need an expert juggler. PharmaDirections has a staff of project managers with PMP degrees and many years of pharmaceutical industry experience in just that, managing projects. They are like your 24-hour sentries, making sure that nothing is overlooked and that every task stays on time and on budget.

Do I need both a Project Leader and a Project Manager?

You may not, depending on the scope of your project.  You will always have an assigned Project Leader who is your “buck stops here” person. We will also assign a Project Manager if you have a full development project to cost-effectively assure that it stays on time and on budget.

*PMP = Project Management Professional certification

While there is some overlap, PLs and PMs have very different roles in the project.  The PL is the one who, together with the client, sets the operational strategy and direction for the project and keeps everything on track at the macroscopic level, while the PM keeps on top of individual vendors and tasks and makes sure timelines and budgets are met on the microscopic level. This paradigm is standard throughout the industry because it leverages the best assets of each resource in a cost-efficient manner.